Who Am I?
My name is Stacy Nicole Koshak. I was born and raised in Colorado, now currently living in Mosinee Wisconsin with my amazing husband. 


A few of my favorite things:

I love storms! My favorite movie growing up, and still to this day is Twister. When I was young, I was either going to be a photographer, or a storm chaser. I'm sure my family is thankful that I chose the photography route ;). Nothing is better to me than watching a big storm roll in.


I love making people smile and laugh. Happy people make for a happy world. Laughter is essential to life!


The simple things... coffee, jammies and a couple good tunes while sitting on the deck.


The not so simple things... Backpacking! I've been backpacking since I was young, carrying everything you need for survival on your back into the wilderness. It's a great way to reset your mind and learn self dependence! 


My cat... Yes, I love having a cat. The dynamic personality of a cat is so great. They love you one minute, then the next, if they were big enough, you would be lunch. 


Why Photography?

Well, my fascination for photography started at a very early age - in elementary school, with my grandmother's Polaroid! Since then, my knowledge and love for photography rapidly increased over the years bringing new opportunity and amazing journeys to my life.

My Experience:

I became certified in digital photography in 2012 and have been shooting professionally for 5 years. I have been professionally trained in both Property/Real Estate photography and high school senior portraits


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Thank you for reading! I look forward to meeting you!